What Is The Purpose In Life – Should You Even Care

Trees Under the Starry Sky

It doesn’t matter who you are. Where in the world you’re from, or even what language you speak. Every single person alive on this planet has thought to themselves at least once, exactly what is the purpose in life?

For thousands of years, people have asked this question only to receive no answer in return. But that was then. Today, we are learning things about our ancient past so unbelievable your grandparents could not have even imagined. Incredible advancements in technology over the past 20 or 30 years has lead to mind altering new discoveries that stretch the fabric of science and religion, to it’s very limits!

Uncharted Territory

I love the responses people give me when I randomly ask them a few minutes after we’ve just met, “what is the purpose in life”? Many people immediately respond with a puzzled, “huh”? and just stare back with a dumb look on their face.

Then there’s this tiny fraction of people that take this random curve ball I just hurled at them, embrace it, and launch it right back with their own spin or theory as to why we’re just chillin here on this random rock out in some B. F. E. part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Finally, the third response I get from people(and the one that really grinds my gears) is the popular, “who cares” response.

Look, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that many people couldn’t care less about ghosts, aliens, our ancient history, or even God. I mean why care? Why should people care or have the time and interest to learn about things that they’ve never seen with their own eyes? Not to mention the countless cheesy alien abduction or ghost movies and TV shows always on during the day. You know the ones I’m talking about..😛

Do You Believe In _________?

 tertia-van-rensburgI want to go above and beyond to make sure you understand me crystal clear! I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM claim to be any kind of fancy shmancy scientist, religious fanatic, or some cave dwelling basket case hermit that lives in a basement. Hell, to be 100% honest. I don’t even see myself as any kind of professional writer.

I just love the paranormal and over the years I guess I accidentally learned a thing or 2 and want to share what I have discovered with the world. My only want is to share with you what I know to be ACTUAL DOCUMENTED SCIENCE and filter out all the BS

You see, here’s the thing. I wanna let you in on a little secret that very few people on TV, the internet, and in Hollywood are talking about. Because I assure you, what we DO actually know about our universe, will not only permanently change your beliefs. But will make you throw the phrase, ” Do you believe in _____?” out the damn window along with the kitchen sink!

Atheists: Gotta Love Em

One thing that I have never truly understood is why people stand in the way of other people’s beliefs and values? Even people they’ve never met. For example, the whole gay marriage ordeal, or each religion believing without a shadow of a doubt that the religion they believe is the only true path to heaven. So they then go and attempt (often times violently) to force their ideology onto someone else.

Why do so many people care about what others do behind closed doors? Just so we’re clear. YES, I do believe in God! I just don’t understand what good can come from trying to stop another person’s happiness.

Atheists are another group that I just cannot understand. How does a person not believe in anything at all? How can you look at the night sky, the sun set, or the way a woman carries, then gives birth to a child that will one day become an adult just like you, or me, and still not see the infinite beauty of God’s design. That to me, is very unfortunate my friend.

It’s Been Right In Front Of Our Face This Entire Time

Going back to religion. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose to follow. I firmly believe that if God was capable enough to create everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, why would he only create 1 path to heaven for all the various cultures of the world.

God gave man many paths to heaven. Our purpose in life as a species is simple. This general purpose is to love this amazing world we have been given. Also, to create, explore, learn and experience the many emotions and feelings that come with life. Granted life will throw you all kinds of challenges and struggles along the way.

This is why we have been given a physical body. Your life is a temporary gift for you to love, learn, explore, create, feel, and live! Each person has their own unique purpose for his/her life that is specific to you only. Your purpose or destiny in life is yours, and yours alone to discover with the tiny sliver of time that we are granted in this physical body.

We Are Designed With The Same Ingredients. Yet, Every Single Person Is Infinitely Unique?Inspirational Quotes With Miscellaneous White Items

Our body as I said above, is physical. Yet, as humans, we are spiritual beings. But you say ” Rich, where’s the proof”? Well, besides talking to the dead which I will show you PROOF of that as well, in a later post. Anyways, answer this question. If our bodies are physical, mortal machines, who is the driver of our engine? Yes, the brain controls our body, but who is driving?

In scientific terms lets look at it like this. Trivia question for any atheistsDNA out there. There is well over 7 billion people on Earth. All normal, healthy people share the same DNA makeup of 23 Chromosomes. So here’s the question. All 7 billion humans on our planet possess the same 23 chromosomes. How is it that not a single 1 person is identical to another?

We’re all made up of the same ingredients. Yet, we are different! My answer is the soul, is what makes each human being irrefutably unique. Your purpose in life is ultimately up to you to discover. As a species we are told to love our world and all other people and creatures we share with it.

So if you’re maybe having a bad day? Just know that the universe (GOD) loves you endlessly! Life is so short. Remember to smile and do something nice for somebody today!






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