What Is On The Dark Side Of The Moon? The Truth May Shock You!

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Please Understand That None of Us Have Been Told the Truth!

Before I continue, I want to stress that I cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that this information is 100% factual. No one can, unless you strap your ass to a rocket and fly to the moon. More than likely probably will never happen. Unfortunately, this is just how it goes with these type of things. Regardless of how provocative your material is, someone will always call BS.

To these kinds of people, you can call me a conspiracy theorists. I feel sorry for you and people too afraid of what others might think to open their eyes and see the truth that everything we’ve been told in school, and history is simply, A LIE!

I Now Know Enough to Know What We’re Told Is Not The Truth. . .

We have no way to prove what is on the dark side of the moon. My goal is to make you see YOUR WORLD with a brand new set of eyes. If this post is your very first exposure to any of this stuff, you better buckle buttercup!

What I am going to show you, I know, is going to forever change the way you view the world, the universe, hell, your very existence! Just, please whatever you do, don’t let it consume all your thoughts. It will if you let it

I just have 1 more question to ask you.

Do you believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe?”

The Truth Is Out There – Somewhere. . .

  • A massive obelisk, tower, dirt bike ramp, or hill thing just chillin on the lunar surface. All by its lonesome. Standing about as tall as New York skyscrapers.

  • Here is another look at that massive obelisk. The shadow it casts from an image taken from this distance tells us that this massive structure is several hundred feet tall.

  • Side by side comparison of a large structure that eerily resembles a satellite dish.

  • More massive structures. Always remember, 90 degree angles don’t occur naturally. It’s a tell-tale sign of artificial development.

Let us have a quick recap…

I’ve just shared with you several images, of various structures, of massive size! Normally, you’d simply just shrug your shoulders and say, ” yea, so what?” But this fades to black when you realize how these photos were taken. These photos were created by satellites, floating through space and aimed at random areas on, the MOON!

But it doesn’t end there. With the thousands of photographs taken over many decades. People, technology, and the internet are beginning to take a closer look at these NASA government documents. By doing so they have discovered certain things that wasn’t visible to the naked eye 30 or 40 years ago.

Or, did our govt. know 30 or 40 years ago that something wasn’t quite in line with what we were all taught in school. Then, instead of informing the public. The good ole U.S. govt. and the always transparent NASA decided to withhold this information from the public?

You know the old saying, If it looks like a duck etc. etc….

In recent years, many people who used to work for NASA have come out claiming that allegedly, high ranking NASA employees were ordered to either/her destroy or airbrush over whatever oddity was in a picture that could potentially be a threat to national security.

Here we are. Thanks to some truly brave patriots who have managed to smuggle these photos and/or videos out of NASA’s grasps and then leaked them into the public domain. Not to mention the many SNAFUs made by cutting the live feed to the I.S.S. just as a random U.F.O. comes floating into view.

  • Going

  • Going

  • Gone

  • These amazing time lapsed images taken with a lunar rover on the surface of the moon show a strange object race by.

  • This strange satellite image seems to an oddly positioned, cigar shaped object.

  • This amazing shot is actually from an amateur video. Whether this video is a hoax or not is unknown. Nevertheless, this is a jaw-dropping piece of footage. In the video, you actually see two supposed alien’s heads moving as they’re flying in this disc shaped U.F.O. I will include a link to this and all other images at the bottom of the post.

You are looking at a 100% without a doubt artificial structure on the moon! This is a massive complex that could potentially house hundreds, maybe even thousands! The sheer fact that this structure even exists proves either 1 or 2 scenarios.

  1. An ancient civilization was not only intelligent. But were more technologically advanced by leaps & bounds. Our history books need to be rewritten immediately!


2. Extraterrestrials from somewhere else in the universe have taken control of the moon. Either now, or in the past.

Both of these explanations are very unsettling and open up a world of terrifying questions at the very least!

The Smoking Gun ( In My Opinion )

  • This image is the 1 ! There is not a single Architect that will say this is a natural rock formation. This complex is gargantuan to say the least. Look carefully as this structure consumes almost the entire image. It has 90 degree angles, cylindrical, as well as wavy features all over the design.

  • A closer look.

Final Thoughts

You are looking at something that we are taught is impossible to accomplish. Yet here it is. A leaked govt. document the demonstrates life somewhere other than Earth. Somebody, somewhere has some intense explaining to do. Every person reading these words should spread this across all of social media, your friends, and your loved ones. At the end of the day I am just one person. Everyone deserves the right to see this information.


I will leave you with this. What you’re looking at is merely a scratch of the surface. Not only have strange things been found on the moon. We also find similar structures like these on mars as well! For all the information you could ever ask for on this topic. Check out the website – http://www.marsanomalyresearch…

Our world is absolutely amazing. . .



What are your thoughts? I wanna know! Please comment and tell me what’s on your mind. Is this news to you? Are you skeptical and calling BS? Lemme Know!

All images used were taken from the SCI-FI channel documentary:

Truth Exposed Aliens On The Moon (2015) –

Syfy UFO Documentary Government Secret Truth Exposed Aliens on the Moon Full HD 2015


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