The Rook EMF Meter With Sound Review – Ghost Stop’s New Hand Made EMF Detector

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  • Product: Rook EMF Meter With Sound
  • Product Type: Electromagnetic Field Detector
  • Manufacturer: Ghost Stop
  • Sensor: Single Axis (Front)
  • Sensor Alert Indicator: LED + Sound
  • Price: Sale $59.95 – Reg. $69.95 W/ free case (Limited Time Only)
  • Our Rating 1-10: 8.5


The Rook EMF Meter With Sound Product Overview


When it comes to a paranormal investigators tools, an emf detector / meter is an absolute must have. This review is for the Rook. Built exclusively by Ghost Stop. The Rook is sold in 3 colors – white, black, and pink. Constructed on site at Ghost Stop by hand. Designed using a 3-D printer. This meter is not just sleek, but effective!

The Rook uses two panels of four LEDs that rapidly flash a vibrant red which increase in intensity the closer in proximity or strength of emf detected. According to Ghost Stop, they chose red alert lights because the red preserves night vision. Along with the red LED’s, the Rook emf detector also has a siren or buzzer that alerts with the changing electromagnetic fields. In unison with the lights, the buzzer becomes faster and louder the closer or more intense the disturbance becomes. However, not so loud that it interferes with any EVP’s that are caught.

The Rook has a durable, yet hand-held design. Standing just at 4.5 inches tall, Rook is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Likewise, the device is also capable of standing up by itself on it’s flat base. This can be beneficial when wanting to record findings left in a room alone. If neither of these options suit your needs it can also be mounted to a tripod, for those a little more technical.

You will never have to worry if the Rook is ever powered on or off. As it comes with a bright red LED switch directly on the front panel. Finally, once the battery dies after several long investigations. Simply snap the back off, quickly replace the single 9 volt battery. Then you’re all good to go! When it’s time to pack up, just slide your Rook back in the nifty free case that’s included. (For a limited time only)

How Will You Benefit From The Rook?

One of the key selling points of the Rook is that it was made distinctly for the use of paranormal research and nothing else! It was designed with years of investigator know-how to be simple to use, yet highly effective in the field at detecting emf disturbances. This was done by designing a barrier around it to help block man-made interference, or false readings from things such as cell phones, radios, walkie-talkies and more. Whether it actually is superior at blocking these types of interference is ultimately yet to be determined. But make no mistake, the Rook stands apart from the competition.

Another aspect of the Rook is it’s usability. Ghost Stop has done an incredible job at creating a sophisticated, yet easy to use device that is great at what it does. This emf meter is incredibly sensitive! Even If you are an investigator who already owns another emf meter, such as the KII. You definitely should consider adding the Rook to your tool bag! This detector is every bit as sensitive and then some. It uses a single axis front sensor that has a high resolution variable emf range of 0 – ~20Mg+ and a frequency range of approximately ~1Hz – ~5MHz.

The Rook is powered by a single 9 volts that deliver a whopping 50+ hours of estimated use! But what if the battery dies unexpectedly in the field and you’re standing in total darkness, what do you do? Well with your Rook emf meter, swapping out batteries can be achieved in seconds with its quick snap on, snap off battery compartment.

Is The Rook Worth The Price?

To be blunt, yes. Every inch of this device was designed with you, the researcher in mind. If you’re an avid investigator, or somebody just getting started. You need the reliability of this emf meter in your collection. This is an emf detector that’s actually built for paranormal research. The Rook is currently on sale for only $59.95 (Includes a very handy carrying case only for a limited time.) you won’t be disappointed.


  • Very Sensitive to EMF changes
  • Two alarm panels, each containing four LED’s
  • Buzzer that gets faster and louder to pin point the disturbances proximity
  • LED power indicator
  • LED power switch
  • Vibrant red LED’s to preserve night vision
  • Long battery life (50+) hours on a single battery
  • Light weight & easy to hold
  • Flat base design allows it to stand by its self with ease
  • Able to mount to a tripod
  • Reinforced to block out unwanted false EMF or radio signals
  • Comes in three colors- black, white, & pink
  • Includes a free case only for a limited time


  • Unable to be determined if it’s affected by frequencies that cause false readings seen with most emf detectors
  • Buzzer alert should have an optional on / off switch
  • Several users report issues with the sound
  • Can’t read device from 360 degrees like the company claims


The Rook emf meter is an awesome device that does what it is designed to do, very well! I have no doubt that you will be more than satisfied using it on all of your investigations. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, Ghost Stop is a very reputable brand in the paranormal field. They stand by all the products sold on their website and have excellent customer support! I personally recommend the Rook emf meter. If you would like to purchase the Rook emf meter, you can use this link to take you to the product page.


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