Technology In The Future – The Human Implications

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Time flies by as fast as lightning! We are already, practically at the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Although it may seem like time is going faster and faster with each year that rolls on by. There is actually something that is advancing even quicker. That is without a doubt technology. So for this post I’d like to discuss the not so far out technology in the future and how it will most likely affect humanity.

Welcome To Your Future World

Try to imagine, you watching television. Then a commercial comes on about a new pair of sunglasses that you have to have. At the end, the commercial asks, ” would you like to purchase this item today YOUR NAME?” You non nonchalantly shake you head, yes. Next, it asks if all your billing and shipping info is correct. Again, you shake you head, yes. A week goes by and UPS is knocking at the door to deliver your package. All done simply by shaking you head twice.

If this sounds like sci-fi to you, consider this. Your at the grocery store, the mall, or even the gas station. There is no clerk because he’s been replaced with just a kiosk. Along the roof are facial and voice recognizing cameras to halt anyone from stealing. When you finish shopping you just bag all the items you wish to purchase and you walk out the store. Instantly you account has the amount of all the items you just bought withdrawn. This was achieved with each item you purchased containing a nano RFID chip and the facial recognition cameras knew whose bank account to charge.

Finally, you wake up each morning and on the night stand next to your bed is a pair of glasses. Everyone owns these glasses even though they don’t need prescriptions. You sit up, and put your glasses on. soon as they rest down on your nose the glasses beep. Then, almost like magic, the glasses begin to project the morning news. To one side are the headlines, to the other are the weather and traffic conditions. You make coffee, you get a text message, and with a few words send a reply. You eat your breakfast as you check all of your Facebook notifications. All from these glasses.

On the way to work these glasses also dim from the sunlight. You drink your coffee and write an email to your boss about the report that’s due. Without warning, you wake up from an alarm letting you know you just arrived at work. You get out the car and shut the door. You walk inside, your vehicle that just drove you to work while you slept turns off by itself and locks the doors all on its own.

Technology In The Future: Is The Technology Of Today

These examples of future tech may sound far-fetched, but they’re not. In fact you can even have your very own robot making something you designed on your phone just 30 minutes prior! How is this possible you might ask? Allow me to introduce you to the era of 3-D printers with the JGAurora FDM.  This hi tech bad boy is just 1 of many others you can get online with just a quick search. But make no mistake, this machine is nothing less, than awesome! With the JGAurora you can make almost anything your mind can conceive. Everything from fidget spinners to cell phone cases, from highly intricate razor thin design. To jaw-dropping life-like sculptures of any superhero’s face you can imagine.

  • Model Number: Z-603S
  • Printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Build size:11 * 7.1 * 7.1 in
  • Input support:SD card/USB cable
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Platform:Heated Aluminum Bed
  • Printing filament: PLA, ABS, TPU. PA.WOOD 1.75 mm
  • Device weight: 37.47 LB
  • Packing demension: 575*460*510 mm
  • Packing weight: 48.50 LB
  • Power requirements: 110 – 230 V AC
  • Operating system:Windows, Mac and, Linux
  • Control software: Cura, Octoprint, Simplify3D
  • File types: STL, G-Code

Package Contains: 
● Machine Z-603S ● 1x Spool Holders 1x filament guide tubes ● Nuts, screws and Hex Wrench Kit and testing filament ● Power Supply Cable ● USB cable ● 1 × 8GB SD card and Reader (contains software, test sample files and operation manual)

The JGAurora DFM would make the perfect gift for any young boy or  man that loves to create or make things. It makes a super fun hobby that gives you endless possibilities and comes with a massive 2 year warranty at a VERY affordable price. I will include a link to the purchase page at the bottom of the post.

Technology, Is At A Pivotal Moment In History!

As we speak, voice recognizing devices like Siri or Alexa are becoming more and more the status quo. The Apple IPhone X locks and unlocks simply by its owner looking directly at it.

These things and much, much more are at our door step whether we like it or not. In fact the glasses I spoke about above are, and have been available to the public for quite sometime. The Halolens by Microsoft is an amazing first of its kind wearable device. Forget virtual reality, the future will be augmented reality.

Do you currently have a son or daughter that will be learning to drive in the next 10 to 15 years? If so, you can rest somewhat easy knowing that they more than likely won’t ever need a driver’s license. It’s a scary thought that all cars could be totally autonomous within the next 10 years. Can you imagine, sitting in the driver seat of your new car on your way to dinner with your family and you never have to glance at the road one time.

With bitcoin getting all the buzz recently. It should be noted that we are already living in the last days of cold hard cash. Unfortunately its already on borrowed time. Get ready for a cashless society because it is just around the corner. And regardless of your opinion on RFID implants, people all over the world have already started using these tiny electronic implants. They have managed to go mostly under the radar here in the United States. But rest assured they are coming to a city near you.

The Human Element

I cannot lie and tell you that I personally am not amazed and at the same time in a state of constant panic with the future of technology, more specifically Artificial Intelligence. The areas that I touched on are just a small, small piece to a massive puzzle. Already we are beginning to see what happens as robots are substituted for human workers. Just look at the self check out lanes at Wal Mart.

When automobiles become fully autonomous, what will the millions of cab and truck drivers do for work? Where will people work when we no longer need construction workers to build homes and businesses because a 3-D printer and a few worker bots could get the job done. Almost 3x’s faster? When the artificial intelligence is so great they are capable of any given task? The robots can fix the robots. It’s horrifying to imagine the potentially hundreds of millions of people out of work.

In the end only time will tell if we choose a path of prosperity and let workers still work even though machines could easily replace them for next to nothing. Or if we continue down a road of greed like we have for so many years. If we destroy mankind with space age super weapons or follow down a path to peace and love our fellow man.

Who truly knows our fate is anybodies best guess. However, one thing is sure. Get ready to enjoy some unbelievably crystal clear movies on you new holographic 12K TV your 3-D printer was able to make after the latest update!

I say we worry about these bridges when we have to cross them.

Smile, hold your head up, and breathe.Try to be a better person tomorrow than you were today.



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