The Rook EMF Meter With Sound Review – Ghost Stop’s New Hand Made EMF Detector

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  • Product: Rook EMF Meter With Sound
  • Product Type: Electromagnetic Field Detector
  • Manufacturer: Ghost Stop
  • Sensor: Single Axis (Front)
  • Sensor Alert Indicator: LED + Sound
  • Price: Sale $59.95 – Reg. $69.95 W/ free case (Limited Time Only)
  • Our Rating 1-10: 8.5


The Rook EMF Meter With Sound Product Overview


When it comes to a paranormal investigators tools, an emf detector / meter is an absolute must have. This review is for the Rook. Built exclusively by Ghost Stop. The Rook is sold in 3 colors – white, black, and pink. Constructed on site at Ghost Stop by hand. Designed using a 3-D printer. This meter is not just sleek, but effective!

The Rook uses two panels of four LEDs that rapidly flash a vibrant red which increase in intensity the closer in proximity or strength of emf detected. According to Ghost Stop, they chose red alert lights because the red preserves night vision. Along with the red LED’s, the Rook emf detector also has a siren or buzzer that alerts with the changing electromagnetic fields. In unison with the lights, the buzzer becomes faster and louder the closer or more intense the disturbance becomes. However, not so loud that it interferes with any EVP’s that are caught.

The Rook has a durable, yet hand-held design. Standing just at 4.5 inches tall, Rook is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Likewise, the device is also capable of standing up by itself on it’s flat base. This can be beneficial when wanting to record findings left in a room alone. If neither of these options suit your needs it can also be mounted to a tripod, for those a little more technical.

You will never have to worry if the Rook is ever powered on or off. As it comes with a bright red LED switch directly on the front panel. Finally, once the battery dies after several long investigations. Simply snap the back off, quickly replace the single 9 volt battery. Then you’re all good to go! When it’s time to pack up, just slide your Rook back in the nifty free case that’s included. (For a limited time only)

How Will You Benefit From The Rook?

One of the key selling points of the Rook is that it was made distinctly for the use of paranormal research and nothing else! It was designed with years of investigator know-how to be simple to use, yet highly effective in the field at detecting emf disturbances. This was done by designing a barrier around it to help block man-made interference, or false readings from things such as cell phones, radios, walkie-talkies and more. Whether it actually is superior at blocking these types of interference is ultimately yet to be determined. But make no mistake, the Rook stands apart from the competition.

Another aspect of the Rook is it’s usability. Ghost Stop has done an incredible job at creating a sophisticated, yet easy to use device that is great at what it does. This emf meter is incredibly sensitive! Even If you are an investigator who already owns another emf meter, such as the KII. You definitely should consider adding the Rook to your tool bag! This detector is every bit as sensitive and then some. It uses a single axis front sensor that has a high resolution variable emf range of 0 – ~20Mg+ and a frequency range of approximately ~1Hz – ~5MHz.

The Rook is powered by a single 9 volts that deliver a whopping 50+ hours of estimated use! But what if the battery dies unexpectedly in the field and you’re standing in total darkness, what do you do? Well with your Rook emf meter, swapping out batteries can be achieved in seconds with its quick snap on, snap off battery compartment.

Is The Rook Worth The Price?

To be blunt, yes. Every inch of this device was designed with you, the researcher in mind. If you’re an avid investigator, or somebody just getting started. You need the reliability of this emf meter in your collection. This is an emf detector that’s actually built for paranormal research. The Rook is currently on sale for only $59.95 (Includes a very handy carrying case only for a limited time.) you won’t be disappointed.


  • Very Sensitive to EMF changes
  • Two alarm panels, each containing four LED’s
  • Buzzer that gets faster and louder to pin point the disturbances proximity
  • LED power indicator
  • LED power switch
  • Vibrant red LED’s to preserve night vision
  • Long battery life (50+) hours on a single battery
  • Light weight & easy to hold
  • Flat base design allows it to stand by its self with ease
  • Able to mount to a tripod
  • Reinforced to block out unwanted false EMF or radio signals
  • Comes in three colors- black, white, & pink
  • Includes a free case only for a limited time


  • Unable to be determined if it’s affected by frequencies that cause false readings seen with most emf detectors
  • Buzzer alert should have an optional on / off switch
  • Several users report issues with the sound
  • Can’t read device from 360 degrees like the company claims


The Rook emf meter is an awesome device that does what it is designed to do, very well! I have no doubt that you will be more than satisfied using it on all of your investigations. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, Ghost Stop is a very reputable brand in the paranormal field. They stand by all the products sold on their website and have excellent customer support! I personally recommend the Rook emf meter. If you would like to purchase the Rook emf meter, you can use this link to take you to the product page.


I hope you enjoyed this review! Please, be sure to comment below. I wanna know what your thoughts are!







What Is On The Dark Side Of The Moon? The Truth May Shock You!

*******! ! ! ! !WARNING! ! ! ! !*******




Please Understand That None of Us Have Been Told the Truth!

Before I continue, I want to stress that I cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that this information is 100% factual. No one can, unless you strap your ass to a rocket and fly to the moon. More than likely probably will never happen. Unfortunately, this is just how it goes with these type of things. Regardless of how provocative your material is, someone will always call BS.

To these kinds of people, you can call me a conspiracy theorists. I feel sorry for you and people too afraid of what others might think to open their eyes and see the truth that everything we’ve been told in school, and history is simply, A LIE!

I Now Know Enough to Know What We’re Told Is Not The Truth. . .

We have no way to prove what is on the dark side of the moon. My goal is to make you see YOUR WORLD with a brand new set of eyes. If this post is your very first exposure to any of this stuff, you better buckle buttercup!

What I am going to show you, I know, is going to forever change the way you view the world, the universe, hell, your very existence! Just, please whatever you do, don’t let it consume all your thoughts. It will if you let it

I just have 1 more question to ask you.

Do you believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe?”

The Truth Is Out There – Somewhere. . .

  • A massive obelisk, tower, dirt bike ramp, or hill thing just chillin on the lunar surface. All by its lonesome. Standing about as tall as New York skyscrapers.

  • Here is another look at that massive obelisk. The shadow it casts from an image taken from this distance tells us that this massive structure is several hundred feet tall.

  • Side by side comparison of a large structure that eerily resembles a satellite dish.

  • More massive structures. Always remember, 90 degree angles don’t occur naturally. It’s a tell-tale sign of artificial development.

Let us have a quick recap…

I’ve just shared with you several images, of various structures, of massive size! Normally, you’d simply just shrug your shoulders and say, ” yea, so what?” But this fades to black when you realize how these photos were taken. These photos were created by satellites, floating through space and aimed at random areas on, the MOON!

But it doesn’t end there. With the thousands of photographs taken over many decades. People, technology, and the internet are beginning to take a closer look at these NASA government documents. By doing so they have discovered certain things that wasn’t visible to the naked eye 30 or 40 years ago.

Or, did our govt. know 30 or 40 years ago that something wasn’t quite in line with what we were all taught in school. Then, instead of informing the public. The good ole U.S. govt. and the always transparent NASA decided to withhold this information from the public?

You know the old saying, If it looks like a duck etc. etc….

In recent years, many people who used to work for NASA have come out claiming that allegedly, high ranking NASA employees were ordered to either/her destroy or airbrush over whatever oddity was in a picture that could potentially be a threat to national security.

Here we are. Thanks to some truly brave patriots who have managed to smuggle these photos and/or videos out of NASA’s grasps and then leaked them into the public domain. Not to mention the many SNAFUs made by cutting the live feed to the I.S.S. just as a random U.F.O. comes floating into view.

  • Going

  • Going

  • Gone

  • These amazing time lapsed images taken with a lunar rover on the surface of the moon show a strange object race by.

  • This strange satellite image seems to an oddly positioned, cigar shaped object.

  • This amazing shot is actually from an amateur video. Whether this video is a hoax or not is unknown. Nevertheless, this is a jaw-dropping piece of footage. In the video, you actually see two supposed alien’s heads moving as they’re flying in this disc shaped U.F.O. I will include a link to this and all other images at the bottom of the post.

You are looking at a 100% without a doubt artificial structure on the moon! This is a massive complex that could potentially house hundreds, maybe even thousands! The sheer fact that this structure even exists proves either 1 or 2 scenarios.

  1. An ancient civilization was not only intelligent. But were more technologically advanced by leaps & bounds. Our history books need to be rewritten immediately!


2. Extraterrestrials from somewhere else in the universe have taken control of the moon. Either now, or in the past.

Both of these explanations are very unsettling and open up a world of terrifying questions at the very least!

The Smoking Gun ( In My Opinion )

  • This image is the 1 ! There is not a single Architect that will say this is a natural rock formation. This complex is gargantuan to say the least. Look carefully as this structure consumes almost the entire image. It has 90 degree angles, cylindrical, as well as wavy features all over the design.

  • A closer look.

Final Thoughts

You are looking at something that we are taught is impossible to accomplish. Yet here it is. A leaked govt. document the demonstrates life somewhere other than Earth. Somebody, somewhere has some intense explaining to do. Every person reading these words should spread this across all of social media, your friends, and your loved ones. At the end of the day I am just one person. Everyone deserves the right to see this information.


I will leave you with this. What you’re looking at is merely a scratch of the surface. Not only have strange things been found on the moon. We also find similar structures like these on mars as well! For all the information you could ever ask for on this topic. Check out the website – http://www.marsanomalyresearch…

Our world is absolutely amazing. . .



What are your thoughts? I wanna know! Please comment and tell me what’s on your mind. Is this news to you? Are you skeptical and calling BS? Lemme Know!

All images used were taken from the SCI-FI channel documentary:

Truth Exposed Aliens On The Moon (2015) –

Syfy UFO Documentary Government Secret Truth Exposed Aliens on the Moon Full HD 2015


Technology In The Future – The Human Implications

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I owe YOU, Yes you! Thank you for giving me your valuable time. It is an honor!

Time flies by as fast as lightning! We are already, practically at the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Although it may seem like time is going faster and faster with each year that rolls on by. There is actually something that is advancing even quicker. That is without a doubt technology. So for this post I’d like to discuss the not so far out technology in the future and how it will most likely affect humanity.

Welcome To Your Future World

Try to imagine, you watching television. Then a commercial comes on about a new pair of sunglasses that you have to have. At the end, the commercial asks, ” would you like to purchase this item today YOUR NAME?” You non nonchalantly shake you head, yes. Next, it asks if all your billing and shipping info is correct. Again, you shake you head, yes. A week goes by and UPS is knocking at the door to deliver your package. All done simply by shaking you head twice.

If this sounds like sci-fi to you, consider this. Your at the grocery store, the mall, or even the gas station. There is no clerk because he’s been replaced with just a kiosk. Along the roof are facial and voice recognizing cameras to halt anyone from stealing. When you finish shopping you just bag all the items you wish to purchase and you walk out the store. Instantly you account has the amount of all the items you just bought withdrawn. This was achieved with each item you purchased containing a nano RFID chip and the facial recognition cameras knew whose bank account to charge.

Finally, you wake up each morning and on the night stand next to your bed is a pair of glasses. Everyone owns these glasses even though they don’t need prescriptions. You sit up, and put your glasses on. soon as they rest down on your nose the glasses beep. Then, almost like magic, the glasses begin to project the morning news. To one side are the headlines, to the other are the weather and traffic conditions. You make coffee, you get a text message, and with a few words send a reply. You eat your breakfast as you check all of your Facebook notifications. All from these glasses.

On the way to work these glasses also dim from the sunlight. You drink your coffee and write an email to your boss about the report that’s due. Without warning, you wake up from an alarm letting you know you just arrived at work. You get out the car and shut the door. You walk inside, your vehicle that just drove you to work while you slept turns off by itself and locks the doors all on its own.

Technology In The Future: Is The Technology Of Today

These examples of future tech may sound far-fetched, but they’re not. In fact you can even have your very own robot making something you designed on your phone just 30 minutes prior! How is this possible you might ask? Allow me to introduce you to the era of 3-D printers with the JGAurora FDM.  This hi tech bad boy is just 1 of many others you can get online with just a quick search. But make no mistake, this machine is nothing less, than awesome! With the JGAurora you can make almost anything your mind can conceive. Everything from fidget spinners to cell phone cases, from highly intricate razor thin design. To jaw-dropping life-like sculptures of any superhero’s face you can imagine.

  • Model Number: Z-603S
  • Printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Build size:11 * 7.1 * 7.1 in
  • Input support:SD card/USB cable
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Platform:Heated Aluminum Bed
  • Printing filament: PLA, ABS, TPU. PA.WOOD 1.75 mm
  • Device weight: 37.47 LB
  • Packing demension: 575*460*510 mm
  • Packing weight: 48.50 LB
  • Power requirements: 110 – 230 V AC
  • Operating system:Windows, Mac and, Linux
  • Control software: Cura, Octoprint, Simplify3D
  • File types: STL, G-Code

Package Contains: 
● Machine Z-603S ● 1x Spool Holders 1x filament guide tubes ● Nuts, screws and Hex Wrench Kit and testing filament ● Power Supply Cable ● USB cable ● 1 × 8GB SD card and Reader (contains software, test sample files and operation manual)

The JGAurora DFM would make the perfect gift for any young boy or  man that loves to create or make things. It makes a super fun hobby that gives you endless possibilities and comes with a massive 2 year warranty at a VERY affordable price. I will include a link to the purchase page at the bottom of the post.

Technology, Is At A Pivotal Moment In History!

As we speak, voice recognizing devices like Siri or Alexa are becoming more and more the status quo. The Apple IPhone X locks and unlocks simply by its owner looking directly at it.

These things and much, much more are at our door step whether we like it or not. In fact the glasses I spoke about above are, and have been available to the public for quite sometime. The Halolens by Microsoft is an amazing first of its kind wearable device. Forget virtual reality, the future will be augmented reality.

Do you currently have a son or daughter that will be learning to drive in the next 10 to 15 years? If so, you can rest somewhat easy knowing that they more than likely won’t ever need a driver’s license. It’s a scary thought that all cars could be totally autonomous within the next 10 years. Can you imagine, sitting in the driver seat of your new car on your way to dinner with your family and you never have to glance at the road one time.

With bitcoin getting all the buzz recently. It should be noted that we are already living in the last days of cold hard cash. Unfortunately its already on borrowed time. Get ready for a cashless society because it is just around the corner. And regardless of your opinion on RFID implants, people all over the world have already started using these tiny electronic implants. They have managed to go mostly under the radar here in the United States. But rest assured they are coming to a city near you.

The Human Element

I cannot lie and tell you that I personally am not amazed and at the same time in a state of constant panic with the future of technology, more specifically Artificial Intelligence. The areas that I touched on are just a small, small piece to a massive puzzle. Already we are beginning to see what happens as robots are substituted for human workers. Just look at the self check out lanes at Wal Mart.

When automobiles become fully autonomous, what will the millions of cab and truck drivers do for work? Where will people work when we no longer need construction workers to build homes and businesses because a 3-D printer and a few worker bots could get the job done. Almost 3x’s faster? When the artificial intelligence is so great they are capable of any given task? The robots can fix the robots. It’s horrifying to imagine the potentially hundreds of millions of people out of work.

In the end only time will tell if we choose a path of prosperity and let workers still work even though machines could easily replace them for next to nothing. Or if we continue down a road of greed like we have for so many years. If we destroy mankind with space age super weapons or follow down a path to peace and love our fellow man.

Who truly knows our fate is anybodies best guess. However, one thing is sure. Get ready to enjoy some unbelievably crystal clear movies on you new holographic 12K TV your 3-D printer was able to make after the latest update!

I say we worry about these bridges when we have to cross them.

Smile, hold your head up, and breathe.Try to be a better person tomorrow than you were today.



Click The Link To Buy The  JGAurora FDM 3-D Professional Printer. ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ free to leave me a comment. Tell me your opinion. Tell me what’s on your mind. Ask me a question. Whatever you want to say.

 JGAURORA 3d Printer Desktop FDM 3d Printers Metal Frame Professional High Resolution Stable Working 3d Printing Machine,Printing Size 280x180x180mm LCD Display Industry and Education Use                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               





How To Talk To The – DEAD!

Contrary to many people’s beliefs. The science world for several years now as a matter of fact, actually concludes that ghosts do in fact exist. For the millions of people in the world who have had at least one genuine paranormal experience this comes as little surprise. But for the skeptics who have called BS and mocked every story they have ever heard, this may come as quite the shocker. Well, if you are in fact a non-believer, buckle up buk-a-roo because not only has advancements in technology given us the ability to see and hear the afterlife. We are now beginning to understand not only how to talk to the dead. But have conversations with the spirit world IN REAL TIME!

Ghost Box, A Brief History

Just about anybody you could ask has more than likely heard about evp or Electronic Voice Phenomena. We’ve all seen on Ghost Hunters, the paranormal investigator will look up at the ceiling, holding a digital voice recorder and ask a question. Something like, ” is there anybody here who would like to speak to me?” Then, after several questions will replay the recorder to have hopefully caught a ghostly whisper with a possible answer to their questions that nobody was able to hear with their own ears.

Then there’s the Ghost Box, or Spirit Box. The ghost box was originally invented by a man named Frank Sumption, in 2002. Frank’s premise behind his device was a radio that could continuously sweep the FM / AM frequencies at any given rate of speed to generate white noise with random bits of human speech for a spirit to potentially use by manipulating the random speech into intelligent words, phrases, and even sentences.

Today, Frank has built over 100 boxes sharing his masterpiece with the paranormal world. His ingenious ghost box was and is still an incredible success throughout the paranormal community. Frank Sumption’s ghost box is still being used today capturing unbelievable evp communication and is now known by the coined name, Frank’s Box.

Frank’s overall design has been rebuilt, and redesigned by numerous other inventors. Each with their own varying box names and levels of success. You can even find countless spirit box app designs for your phone! Whether this form of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) spirit communication really works is debatable.

What Exactly Is A Ghost Box

Though no where as remarkable as a Frank’s box, a ghost box is basically just a radio that has been modified. But not only does it continuously scan through every station, it goes in between the frequencies and also scans the even number stations that average radios just don’t scan. These small, yet powerful devices can be purchased from numerous websites online for less than one hundred bucks! Or if you’re feeling ambitious you can find diagrams to even build one on your own.

If, you are not up to building one on your own. One of the more popular, mass-produced brands of spirit box is called the P-SB7, or SB7 for short. This box is remarkably clear and gives you unimaginable results for the VERY affordable price. Another plus (in my opinion) is that it’s extremely small and lightweight. The P-SB7 is about the size of a pack of cigarettes so it can easily fit in your pocket or bag when traveling.

It features a bright blue back light that’s easy to read in the day or night. It requires 3 AAA batteries to power it and comes with a pair of headphones as well. It features an antenna and comes with a 2 auxiliary inputs for the headphones and an option speaker for added volume.

A downside with the SB7 is that the built in speaker sucks pretty bad :[ Using headphones and / or a Bluetooth speaker plugged into the aux. Jack is an absolute must have. Although almost all new SB7 devices also come with an attachable speaker for higher volume. As well as many of the newer models have an added noise canceling feature.

NOTE* When using a ghost box, I cannot stress enough the importance of using a digital voice recorder to also record every session you do. What sounds like nothing at first may actually be hiding several intelligent responses to some of your questions when played back. Another point I’d like to stress is that you can hear so much better using a good set of headphones. Sometimes responses can be very faint in the background static. It takes a lot of practice getting to know what you’re listening for.

Performing A Ghost Box Session





When you first open the P-SB7, along with the instructions on the radio itself is a very interesting separate set of instructions. This other tiny guide called, “General Procedure” Starts out by explaining the various sweep rates of the ghost box. But halfway down it explains that before you turn it on you are to say a protection prayer and after you’re finished before you turn it off you are instructed to firmly tell all the spirits that came through the device that they must leave and go back where they came from! Do not take these instructions lightly.

When I began using my SB7 I didn’t receive any responses to the questions I would ask and looked like a complete idiot to all of my friends. I would ask the common questions like, ” how many spirits are here with me? “, ” what is your name? “, “can you tell me my name? ” Just the usual stuff.

But all of that changed almost instantly! One day I don’t hear anything but static. The next day I start getting very faint responses to many of the questions I asked, including ” can you tell me my name? ” and ” how many fingers am I holding up? ” It is very exciting yet extremely unsettling hearing a disembodied voice say your name on command over a hand held radio. I was afraid to use it for several months. But I have used it many times since and have never been affected by it.

My advice is just be respectful and follow the prayer instructions and you should be ok. Remember, you are essentially messing around with a digital OUIJA board. Anything good, funny to down right frightening could respond to you during a session. I will include some awesome people who are professionals in the field of ITC right below this post.

Remember to smile ! ! ! ! The universe loves you very much.




Steve Huff-

Zak Bagans- Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel





What Is The Purpose In Life – Should You Even Care

Trees Under the Starry Sky

It doesn’t matter who you are. Where in the world you’re from, or even what language you speak. Every single person alive on this planet has thought to themselves at least once, exactly what is the purpose in life?

For thousands of years, people have asked this question only to receive no answer in return. But that was then. Today, we are learning things about our ancient past so unbelievable your grandparents could not have even imagined. Incredible advancements in technology over the past 20 or 30 years has lead to mind altering new discoveries that stretch the fabric of science and religion, to it’s very limits!

Uncharted Territory

I love the responses people give me when I randomly ask them a few minutes after we’ve just met, “what is the purpose in life”? Many people immediately respond with a puzzled, “huh”? and just stare back with a dumb look on their face.

Then there’s this tiny fraction of people that take this random curve ball I just hurled at them, embrace it, and launch it right back with their own spin or theory as to why we’re just chillin here on this random rock out in some B. F. E. part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Finally, the third response I get from people(and the one that really grinds my gears) is the popular, “who cares” response.

Look, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that many people couldn’t care less about ghosts, aliens, our ancient history, or even God. I mean why care? Why should people care or have the time and interest to learn about things that they’ve never seen with their own eyes? Not to mention the countless cheesy alien abduction or ghost movies and TV shows always on during the day. You know the ones I’m talking about..😛

Do You Believe In _________?

 tertia-van-rensburgI want to go above and beyond to make sure you understand me crystal clear! I DO NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM claim to be any kind of fancy shmancy scientist, religious fanatic, or some cave dwelling basket case hermit that lives in a basement. Hell, to be 100% honest. I don’t even see myself as any kind of professional writer.

I just love the paranormal and over the years I guess I accidentally learned a thing or 2 and want to share what I have discovered with the world. My only want is to share with you what I know to be ACTUAL DOCUMENTED SCIENCE and filter out all the BS

You see, here’s the thing. I wanna let you in on a little secret that very few people on TV, the internet, and in Hollywood are talking about. Because I assure you, what we DO actually know about our universe, will not only permanently change your beliefs. But will make you throw the phrase, ” Do you believe in _____?” out the damn window along with the kitchen sink!

Atheists: Gotta Love Em

One thing that I have never truly understood is why people stand in the way of other people’s beliefs and values? Even people they’ve never met. For example, the whole gay marriage ordeal, or each religion believing without a shadow of a doubt that the religion they believe is the only true path to heaven. So they then go and attempt (often times violently) to force their ideology onto someone else.

Why do so many people care about what others do behind closed doors? Just so we’re clear. YES, I do believe in God! I just don’t understand what good can come from trying to stop another person’s happiness.

Atheists are another group that I just cannot understand. How does a person not believe in anything at all? How can you look at the night sky, the sun set, or the way a woman carries, then gives birth to a child that will one day become an adult just like you, or me, and still not see the infinite beauty of God’s design. That to me, is very unfortunate my friend.

It’s Been Right In Front Of Our Face This Entire Time

Going back to religion. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose to follow. I firmly believe that if God was capable enough to create everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, why would he only create 1 path to heaven for all the various cultures of the world.

God gave man many paths to heaven. Our purpose in life as a species is simple. This general purpose is to love this amazing world we have been given. Also, to create, explore, learn and experience the many emotions and feelings that come with life. Granted life will throw you all kinds of challenges and struggles along the way.

This is why we have been given a physical body. Your life is a temporary gift for you to love, learn, explore, create, feel, and live! Each person has their own unique purpose for his/her life that is specific to you only. Your purpose or destiny in life is yours, and yours alone to discover with the tiny sliver of time that we are granted in this physical body.

We Are Designed With The Same Ingredients. Yet, Every Single Person Is Infinitely Unique?Inspirational Quotes With Miscellaneous White Items

Our body as I said above, is physical. Yet, as humans, we are spiritual beings. But you say ” Rich, where’s the proof”? Well, besides talking to the dead which I will show you PROOF of that as well, in a later post. Anyways, answer this question. If our bodies are physical, mortal machines, who is the driver of our engine? Yes, the brain controls our body, but who is driving?

In scientific terms lets look at it like this. Trivia question for any atheistsDNA out there. There is well over 7 billion people on Earth. All normal, healthy people share the same DNA makeup of 23 Chromosomes. So here’s the question. All 7 billion humans on our planet possess the same 23 chromosomes. How is it that not a single 1 person is identical to another?

We’re all made up of the same ingredients. Yet, we are different! My answer is the soul, is what makes each human being irrefutably unique. Your purpose in life is ultimately up to you to discover. As a species we are told to love our world and all other people and creatures we share with it.

So if you’re maybe having a bad day? Just know that the universe (GOD) loves you endlessly! Life is so short. Remember to smile and do something nice for somebody today!






About Rich

Hello, and Welcome to the Paranormal Proof Project! 

I could not be any happier that you’re here.


You Have Been Warned

                                                           About Rich:

                          Allow me to properly introduce myself.

 My name is Richard, but everyone calls me Rich! Well, actually people call me many names depending on who you ask :p but for here we’ll just keep things simple for now. I’m a 32-year old Gemini as well as an absolute learning machine! I live in Biloxi, Mississippi with my incredibly awesome plus, extremely supportive fiance and 2 crazy talented step daughters.


Anyways, I LOVE the paranormal and virtually everything unknown. However, I wasn’t always this enthusiastic about things that go thump in the night. My love for the strange and mysterious didn’t fully develop until I was a young adult. Which, in all honesty is just another manifestation of my love to learn about the Earth and the heavens. I haven’t lived in a haunted house nor have I ever been abducted. But just because I never experienced either of those situations, I did get a terrifying visit one night from something that even still to the time you are reading this has forever changed my perception of our world and the infinitely vast universe we are a part of!

From the Top!

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, just a wee lil Dick. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with the picturesque household with both a mommy and a daddy. I was just a baby when my mom and dad separated. We remained in TN. For several years after parents divorce but ultimately we ended up moving to Biloxi to be closer to my grandparents whom had built a home on the coast to enjoy their retirement years away from the big city. I’ve lived in a few other places for a few years here or there such as Houston and New Orleans. When I matured into a full-grown big Dick. I myself became the proud father of two handsome young men. If you’re curious as to why I’ve waited till just now to mention that I have 2 boys of my own? It’s because I don’t get to see either of them very often because the 2 mother’s and the men they are together with now won’t let me see them. I just don’t have the money or the fight to keep battling them but it seems like the court isn’t concerned with enforcing the custody paperwork anyways. It hurts me extremely bad. ???? and It is also for this reason that you probably won’t see me talk about or mention them very often, if ever. Everything happens for a reason I guess…

Setting Events Into Motion

Ok, enough with the sob stories. Let’s reverse this midnight train  wreck, and begin again on my 21st Birthday. The pinnacle of a young adult’s life! The age where most kids finally get to live the grown person life. Bars, gambling, gentlemen’s clubs. But I wasn’t just your typical teen. No sir / ma’am, not this guy. Being raised by a single mother, she tried and tried. But unfortunately, after a certain point she could no longer control me. My pinnacle year started several years earlier. So for arguments’ sake, let’s just say I would party maybe a smidge on the wild side. Well I don’t really have a solid answer as to why, but I had come up with the plan for my big 2.1… That plan, was on the morning of my b-day, I wanted my amazingly beautiful grandmother to witness me get baptized. That’s right, baptized for my big 2.1!!! Then, in true southern stallion fashion I could party the night away on Bourbon Street. Looking back I probably should’ve used better judgment. But hey it was my 21st b-day and Biloxi is only a little over an hour drive from New Orleans.

From A Dusty Old Light Far In The Distance

We finally made it back home in one piece with only about an hour or so remaining of night until sunrise. I was laying down about to pass out with my older son’s mother at the time. We were sleeping on a make shift mattress in the middle of my mom’s living room floor. She was still living in this tiny single wide trailer that I had lived in as well. Now, if you’ve ever been inside of any mobile home before, you know that the front doors almost always have a diamond shaped glass window. Shifting around trying to get comfy. I turned facing my son’s mother and I put my arm around her and said good night. Only, the exact moment I turned I thought I saw for just a fraction of a second of what looked like a person’s dark silhouette move quickly to the right just outta sight of the glass diamond. There was maybe 7 feet between the diamond and the corner of the bed where we were laying. It was totally silent. Plus I was tired, completely inebriated. My next thought was maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me?

No sooner did I have that thought, my son’s mother firmly slapped my arm and said Rich, Rich wake up! My heart sank to my stomach. I knew from panic in her voice that this wasn’t in head. My thought was that somebody is outside peeking into the house! I laid there pondering over what I should try to do Then she tapped on me again. This time sounding frantic she said RICH GET THE F*CK UP!!! I turned and sat up towards the door as fast as I could and what I saw will forever give me the chills every time I think back to that night.

Standing there just at the foot of the mattress was this tall solid black shadow figure looking down at us! It was so dark you could clearly see IT, even though we were already in the dark! I don’t know how but me and her, saw him or it perfectly. We both started screaming at the same time and the only way I know how to try to describe what it did next was, it literally sucked away into thin air almost instantly! I jumped up and ran as fast as I could and dove into my mother’s bed and we slept next to her for the rest of the night. It was frightening! I mean my mom’s house wasn’t haunted. It wasn’t until a day or two later that I realized I had been baptized earlier that same day.

I Have No Doubt That What We Both Witnessed That Night Was A Direct Result, of My Baptism Performed Earlier That Morning!!!


” DO YOU BELIEVE IN _____________”

The Mainstream Media Have Done an Exquisite Job of Lying, Changing, and Covering Up the Truth From All Humanity Worldwide!

At this very moment, there’s a subconscious awakening unfolding on a global scale! Yet, there are still million’s of people who are either brainwashed or programmed to mock, ridicule, and call B.S. on any and all paranormal evidence they are presented with. Regardless of the validity of it’s source.

My mission is very simple- To shatter the current religious, scientific, cosmic, and evolutionary mainstream beliefs held by so many in our society with irrefutable PROOF of our Paranormal Reality!

Every Last person that calls this planet home has a God giving right to hear, as well as to see the Truth about how ghost hunting is opening the doors to new sciences. Ancient Extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth in our very distant path. Exploring just what exactly our true propose is, the true power of our minds, and origins of the human species. Plus so much more that is currently being silenced by the powers that control over our the world.

What are some of your thoughts and questions? Feel free to leave a comment!

Here’s to the Truth!