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Allow me to properly introduce myself.

 My name is Richard, but everyone calls me Rich! Well, actually people call me many names depending on who you ask :p but for here we’ll just keep things simple for now. I’m a 32-year old Gemini as well as an absolute learning machine! I live in Biloxi, Mississippi with my incredibly awesome plus, extremely supportive fiance and 2 crazy talented step daughters.


Anyways, I LOVE the paranormal and virtually everything unknown. However, I wasn’t always this enthusiastic about things that go thump in the night. My love for the strange and mysterious didn’t fully develop until I was a young adult. Which, in all honesty is just another manifestation of my love to learn about the Earth and the heavens. I haven’t lived in a haunted house nor have I ever been abducted. But just because I never experienced either of those situations, I did get a terrifying visit one night from something that even still to the time you are reading this has forever changed my perception of our world and the infinitely vast universe we are a part of!

From the Top!

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, just a wee lil Dick. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with the picturesque household with both a mommy and a daddy. I was just a baby when my mom and dad separated. We remained in TN. For several years after parents divorce but ultimately we ended up moving to Biloxi to be closer to my grandparents whom had built a home on the coast to enjoy their retirement years away from the big city. I’ve lived in a few other places for a few years here or there such as Houston and New Orleans. When I matured into a full-grown big Dick. I myself became the proud father of two handsome young men. If you’re curious as to why I’ve waited till just now to mention that I have 2 boys of my own? It’s because I don’t get to see either of them very often because the 2 mother’s and the men they are together with now won’t let me see them. I just don’t have the money or the fight to keep battling them but it seems like the court isn’t concerned with enforcing the custody paperwork anyways. It hurts me extremely bad. ???? and It is also for this reason that you probably won’t see me talk about or mention them very often, if ever. Everything happens for a reason I guess…

Setting Events Into Motion

Ok, enough with the sob stories. Let’s reverse this midnight train  wreck, and begin again on my 21st Birthday. The pinnacle of a young adult’s life! The age where most kids finally get to live the grown person life. Bars, gambling, gentlemen’s clubs. But I wasn’t just your typical teen. No sir / ma’am, not this guy. Being raised by a single mother, she tried and tried. But unfortunately, after a certain point she could no longer control me. My pinnacle year started several years earlier. So for arguments’ sake, let’s just say I would party maybe a smidge on the wild side. Well I don’t really have a solid answer as to why, but I had come up with the plan for my big 2.1… That plan, was on the morning of my b-day, I wanted my amazingly beautiful grandmother to witness me get baptized. That’s right, baptized for my big 2.1!!! Then, in true southern stallion fashion I could party the night away on Bourbon Street. Looking back I probably should’ve used better judgment. But hey it was my 21st b-day and Biloxi is only a little over an hour drive from New Orleans.

From A Dusty Old Light Far In The Distance

We finally made it back home in one piece with only about an hour or so remaining of night until sunrise. I was laying down about to pass out with my older son’s mother at the time. We were sleeping on a make shift mattress in the middle of my mom’s living room floor. She was still living in this tiny single wide trailer that I had lived in as well. Now, if you’ve ever been inside of any mobile home before, you know that the front doors almost always have a diamond shaped glass window. Shifting around trying to get comfy. I turned facing my son’s mother and I put my arm around her and said good night. Only, the exact moment I turned I thought I saw for just a fraction of a second of what looked like a person’s dark silhouette move quickly to the right just outta sight of the glass diamond. There was maybe 7 feet between the diamond and the corner of the bed where we were laying. It was totally silent. Plus I was tired, completely inebriated. My next thought was maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me?

No sooner did I have that thought, my son’s mother firmly slapped my arm and said Rich, Rich wake up! My heart sank to my stomach. I knew from panic in her voice that this wasn’t in head. My thought was that somebody is outside peeking into the house! I laid there pondering over what I should try to do Then she tapped on me again. This time sounding frantic she said RICH GET THE F*CK UP!!! I turned and sat up towards the door as fast as I could and what I saw will forever give me the chills every time I think back to that night.

Standing there just at the foot of the mattress was this tall solid black shadow figure looking down at us! It was so dark you could clearly see IT, even though we were already in the dark! I don’t know how but me and her, saw him or it perfectly. We both started screaming at the same time and the only way I know how to try to describe what it did next was, it literally sucked away into thin air almost instantly! I jumped up and ran as fast as I could and dove into my mother’s bed and we slept next to her for the rest of the night. It was frightening! I mean my mom’s house wasn’t haunted. It wasn’t until a day or two later that I realized I had been baptized earlier that same day.

I Have No Doubt That What We Both Witnessed That Night Was A Direct Result, of My Baptism Performed Earlier That Morning!!!


” DO YOU BELIEVE IN _____________”

The Mainstream Media Have Done an Exquisite Job of Lying, Changing, and Covering Up the Truth From All Humanity Worldwide!

At this very moment, there’s a subconscious awakening unfolding on a global scale! Yet, there are still million’s of people who are either brainwashed or programmed to mock, ridicule, and call B.S. on any and all paranormal evidence they are presented with. Regardless of the validity of it’s source.

My mission is very simple- To shatter the current religious, scientific, cosmic, and evolutionary mainstream beliefs held by so many in our society with irrefutable PROOF of our Paranormal Reality!

Every Last person that calls this planet home has a God giving right to hear, as well as to see the Truth about how ghost hunting is opening the doors to new sciences. Ancient Extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth in our very distant path. Exploring just what exactly our true propose is, the true power of our minds, and origins of the human species. Plus so much more that is currently being silenced by the powers that control over our the world.

What are some of your thoughts and questions? Feel free to leave a comment!

Here’s to the Truth!